How to optimize 3D files for AR


The complexity of your 3D models in AR determines how many frames of your experience can be displayed and how smoothly everything runs. Complexity contributors are high resolution textures, high polygon counts and complex scenes that cause many draw calls for different objects. All this is also reflected in the file size, which is a good indication of the complexity of a model.

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How to use 3D Models in Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality enhances the real world the way we know it and it offers almost limitless possibilities for creators to express themselves freely. The true beauty that lies herein is releasing us creators from the constraints of physics, to create unique immersive experiences that can tell stories in convincing ways, addressing multiple senses at once.

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Introducing AR QuickTips


For over two years, we’ve been talking to amazing creators out there (yep, addressing exactly you!). We did this with one simple goal – trying to understand what you as an AR creator need to build the most immersive Augmented Reality experiences possible.
That's why we created a series of video tutorials covering the topics 3D creation, AR workflows as well as crafting and distributing experiences on our platform.

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