Create & distribute AR Art in minutes.

Augmented Reality
at your Fingertips.

Turn your digital 2D and 3D creations into multi-sensory and interactive Augmented Reality experiences. Anchor your content at specific locations in the real world, or share it globally with a simple link.

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In-AR Editor

With the on-device editor, you can craft compelling AR experiences in next to nothing, while sitting on your couch.

  • USDZ Support
  • Reality Composer Support

Instant, App-less Experiences

One of AR’s biggest challenges is the app-less accessibility of content. As a Scavengar Premium User you have the option to easily distribute your experiences with a simple link, QR code or NFC tag that can be opened without an app download. Get in touch with us if you are interested.

Why tell the world when you can make them feel it?

Speaking to multiple senses is crucial to create a truly immersive experience. Make use of spatial audio, 3D content via USDZs, and haptic feedback to trigger the sensation of touch within your art.

Connect with Others

You can enable a virtual commentary section around your art. This allows users to react to the content they are seeing with comments, doodles, and photos around your artwork. As the scenes get updated in real-time, people can come together and be connected through your content while being thousands of miles apart.

The Spatial Feed

Think of it as your traditional social feed, but within the space around you. Once you create and share multiple AR experiences, viewers can swipe through your artworks, turning their space into your interactive gallery. It's only a swipe away.

The Virtual Gallery – Anywhere, Anytime.

Ever wanted to bring your content to Time Square, in front of the Eiffel Tower, or in your fans’ living room? You decide if you want to anchor your creations to specific geolocations, geo-fence them to certain areas, or make them accessible on a global scale.

AR that helps you to tell a story.

Storytelling allows you to create a strong bond between your creations and the spectator/participant. That’s why we want to allow you to use text, questions, videos, images, and ambient audio to convey your message.

More Features

That help you bring your AR experience to the next level

Object & People Occlusion

Occlusion makes it even harder to distinguish what is real.

Spatial Audio

Experience rich, immersive audio in the most natural way – based on real-world physics.

Integrated Workflow

Seamless integration of Reality Composer and Keynote.

Optional Gamification

Leaderboard and score counter sound good? You decide.

iPad Support

Prefer to create on the big screen? Scavengar is optimized for iPad.

Cutting-Edge Performance

Enjoy native app performance and stunning visual fidelity.

Our Mission

It's our goal to empower you to bring your creations into Augmented Reality, enabling a new level of interaction with art. To better understand how we envision the future, have a look over here.

Think of a world where you'll be able to discover and create fascinating art, history, and culture that's not bound to the laws of physics. Do you wonder if you share our utopian idea?

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What creators think…

We've been asking around what creators think and feel when using Scavengar. How does it enable you to be creative?

Coming from fine arts and installation, I was searching for a platform to make my displays digitally accessible and push the possibilities of interactivity to the next level. With Scavengar I am now able to include next level storytelling technologies like AI and AR geo-anchoring into my experiences – really growing them into a new and relevant immersive perspective.

Nadine Kolodziey
– Visual Artist and Illustrator

Exactly the solution I was looking for – to share art as the experience itself, not a video. This makes AR and art so much more accessible.

Lucas Mateluna
– Augmented Reality Artist

Since the Summer of 2019 I have been searching for the ideal AR app. No app has come closer to delivering what I had envisioned than Scavengar. I love that it allows me to place my work in any location around the globe with geotagging. And that there’s a layer of fun social interaction involved in the apps »Snippets« mode – which is pure gold. […]

Rory Scott
– Artist, Animator & Creator of Worlds

Being able to add specific attributes to my project, like music or location locking, has allowed me to better express and achieve my creative vision through AR. What is especially useful as an artist on social media, is being able to create a sharable link for community!

– Non-Binary Artist

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