Our Mission


Democratizing AR Art Creation

The infinite canvas in front of your door

Close your eyes. In your mind, leave your house, turn right once you're out of the door, and go to the next plaza in your neighborhood. What do you see? The same people, the same place as always, right? Imagine you could visualize all creativity and stories of the last 50 years that have been accumulating on your little walk here. Think of a world where you'll be able to discover fascinating art, history, and culture that does not know any limits. In a nutshell, this is what we envision with Scavengar – populating the world around you with meaningful art-led content. The infinite canvas in front of your door. Very soon, we'll be living in a world that displays content where it is supposed to be and where it adds the biggest value possible. Visualizing information and making stories come to life just where they would be naturally is a powerful ability and nothing less but computing's next big frontier. Our reality will be augmented with multiple layers of information and usability – and we're here to shape the most interesting and beautiful layer together with you. Both the creation and consumption of art are in a transformative state. For the first time ever, digital assets can be owned through Blockchain-enabled NFT technology. At the same time, we see a shift in the consumption of art. Multi-sensory and highly immersive physical experiences are being created with big efforts and financed by the mass through a simple entry ticket. Democratizing AR art creation, and enabling creators like yourself to make money with their art, is the goal we're working towards every day.

Why us, why now?

Scavengar evolved out of a passion for technology and art, rather than a business idea. Since day one, we wanted to empower others to create easily, that's why we focused on easy and on-device AR content creation. We believe a platform can only be as good as the content it allows people to create, hence we're heavily focusing on building the right tools for you.

Who we are

The Team

Arthur Schiller

Co-Founder, Head of Design and Development

UI/UX mastermind, shaping the design paradigms for immersive technologies.

Marc Wicht

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Combines a film, culture, and business background with a deep passion for AR and how it will influence society.

Stefan Wirth

Additional iOS and Backend Development

Loves to make stuff. Specifically scalable tech solutions that do good.

Albert Löchmüller

Fullstack Development with focus on Cloud Applications

Helps to build a system that's shifting away from silo behavior and empowers true connection.

Henriette Greßler

Communications and Design

Generalist enhancing the real world with AR, with a focus on user-driven experiences and communication.