Data Protection Declaration for the Scavengar App

Protecting your personal data is important for us. The following Data Protection Policy provides information about the processing of your personal data when using the Scavengar App.


The owner for the processing of your personal data captured when you use the App is Amped Labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Brusendorfer Straße 3, 12055 Berlin, Deutschland (hereinafter also referred to as "we").

App authorization

If you want to use all the functions and services in the App, it must be able to access certain functions and data in your device. It is necessary for technical reasons that you grant the App certain access permissions. If you do not want to grant certain access permissions, you will not be able to use various functions and services in the App. The legal basis for processing your data is Article 6 Subs. 1 letter b GDPR. There now follows information about which permissions the App requires:

  1. Access to the device camera: is required for Augmented Reality.
  2. Use of the location services: with your permission the App can with the help of the location services use information from the mobile networks, WLAN networks, GPS and Bluetooth to determine your approximate location. The App utilizes your location in order to enable you to create and play scavenger hunts.
  3. Microphone access: is used for bug reporting.
  4. Photo Library Accces: is used for bug reporting.

Use of TrueDepth API

When you build or use face tracking as an anchor point for your AR experience, this features uses Apple’s TrueDepth API. The entire processing for the face-tracked experiences happens on device and in real time. The TrueDepth data never leaves the device, is never stored on the device or stored on our server or shared with any other third party, or for any other purpose. In addition, it’s an Opt-in feature, that works only with your explicit permission to use the front facing camera.

Error reports

We use tools to analyse errors in the App and to rectify problems. If the App crashes, certain information about the crash such as device type, operating system version and various technical data is sent to us via the mobile device. We require the error reports to simplify App maintenance and to improve its stability. The legal basis for the data processing is Art. 6 Subs. 1 b GDPR.


We delete data processed during your usage of the App, if they are no longer required and the deletion is not prevented by any retention period.

Use of service providers/processing of data in countries outside the European Economic Area

We use service providers to render certain services and for processing your data. The service providers process the data solely as instructed by us and are bound to comply with the valid data protection legislation. All processors were carefully selected and receive access to your data only to the extent and for the period of time required for rendering the services. The servers of some service providers we use are located in the USA and other countries outside the European Union. Companies in those countries are governed by data protection legislation which in general does not protect personal data to the same degree as is the case in the member states of the European Union. In so far as your data are processed in a country which does not offer data protection to the acknowledged high level of the European Union, we ensure via contractual arrangements or other comparable instruments that your personal data is appropriately protected.


You can contact us by email. We use the data generated in the process to contact you and to answer your questions. The legal basis for the data processing is Art. 6 Subs. 1 f GDPR. We have a justified interest in maintaining contact with users and being able to answer any questions they may have.

Your rights as a user

As a user you have the right to request information about which data we have stored about you and for what purpose. In addition, you can correct incorrect data or have data deleted if the data were unlawfully recorded or are no longer required. You have the right to data portability. In addition, you have the right to complain to a supervisory body about the data processing taking place.

Information on your right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, in so far as there are reasons which arise from your particular situation. The precondition for this is that the data processing is carried out on the basis of a balancing of interests.

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